Case Studies

A Smooth Migration to a Secure Cloud: Quadrint Cloud Migration Case Study

Since the White House first articulated its “Cloud First” strategy in 2011, Federal agencies have been under increasing pressure to migrate their mission critical systems to the cloud. In the Intelligence Community (IC), the overarching Information Technology Enterprise (IC-ITE) initiative amplifies that directive both in principal and in specific guidance. Download Case Study: A Smooth … Continued

Answering Complex Questions: Quadrint Analytic Environment Case Study

Federal agencies face the daunting challenge of improving the quality and quantity of their mission results under increasingly stringent budgets. To be successful, agencies achieve their goals by focusing on optimizing their business functions–recruiting, human resources, contract management, facilities management and finance. To achieve this optimization the analytics needs to be streamlined from across a … Continued

Enabling Mission-Talent Alignment for a U.S. Intelligence Agency: Quadrint Talent Management Case Study

Optimal Human Capital Management (OHCM) is key to the success of all federal departments and agencies. An organization that can properly align its workforce talent to its mission objectives will greatly improve organizational effectiveness as well as employee satisfaction. A major U.S. intelligence agency sought to improve its mission-talent alignment through the quick deployment of … Continued

Quadrint Ensures Continuity of Operations for Major US Intelligence Agency through Seamless Data Center Migration

A major US Intelligence Agency was required to consolidate multiple sites in the Washington DC metro area into one centralized agency HQ as a result of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). Quadrint managed the agency’s corporate applications, which included multiple commercial off-the-shelf and custom-written, agency-specific products. As the agency’s trusted partners, the Quadrint team designed … Continued

Quadrint Applies IBM Congnos Business Intelligence Tools to Integrate Employee Data into Single Reporting Model

A particular US Intelligence agency’s rosters of “deployed” employees changes constantly. The various mechanisms for tracking the locations of agency employees and their families are often disjointed and complex. Quadrint designed and implemented a total solution using IBM Cognos business intelligence tools that integrates and synthesizes data from disparate sources into a single reporting model. … Continued

Quadrint Implements Enterprise Human Capital Management System, Improving Security and Operations in DoD Intelligence Agency

A large DoD Intelligence Agency maintained dozens of disparate corporate systems to manage everything from network user accounts to parking passes. None of these systems shared the same data regarding active and inactive employees or contractors. As a result, the provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts and maintenance of user data was wildly inefficient. Quadrint’s experienced … Continued