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As a trusted partner to federal agencies, we provide solutions that improve business efficiency and enable total collaboration at the enterprise level. Mission success is our shared goal, and Quadrint achieves it by remaining agile, innovative and strategic. Our steadfast, intelligent advice empowers our clients to do more.

Our Mission

As a trusted partner to federal agencies and private sector clients, we provide solutions that improve business efficiency and enable total collaboration at the enterprise level. Mission success is our shared goal, and Quadrint achieves it by remaining agile, innovative and strategic. Our steadfast, intelligent advice empowers our clients to do more.

At Quadrint, we offer our clients unique value-added benefits. Quadrint consultants average 23+ years of experience, and our entire team holds TS clearances at  a minimum. Thanks to this high level of experience and integrity, we have forged trusted partnerships with all the Nation’s top intelligence agencies, with NGO’s and with private corporations who share the common mission of advancing technology and security.

We are proud to include among our federal clients agencies throughout the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice.

Our private sector clients include Ameren Corporation, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).





The integrity of the enterprise depends on technology and people. It’s the precision of the business processes that enable the two to work together. Innovative, agile and insightful, we integrate business processes to allow the complete system to function as one. At Quadrint, our expertise managing technology and systems is complemented by our business process management expertise. We provide high-level oversight, analysis and implementation that is fully aligned with our client’s mission.

Quadrint is a trusted partner to federal agencies, where on a daily basis we deliver process governance and process management support, while offering continuous improvements to optimize results. In this sense, we’re “doing more with less” for our clients each day. It’s why the federal sector trusts Quadrint when mission success is on the line.

Integrated Approach

The unique Quadrint methodology is defined by experience, agility, trust and partnership. With these principles as our foundation, we apply technology strategically to integrate business processes with operational systems. With this integrated approach, we remain flexible and responsive, always able to adapt and advance when mission requirements change.

To learn more about how Quadrint’s Business Process Management Solutions can help your business improve efficiency and operations, please contact us at info@quadrint.com or call 703-349-0139.

Ultimately, business is all about service. At Quadrint, we design and deploy the technologies and systems that enable rapid, high-quality customer service – which in turn drives business success. From service requests to project tracking and workflow monitoring, we provide the tools that our clients depend upon to enhance their service offerings.

One of the most significant challenges many businesses face is effectively and efficiently tracking service requests and project lifecycles. We provide advanced solutions, such as CRM software and similar products, that streamline the service cycle so that our clients can spend less time cataloguing responses and more time delivering results.

Accelerating Service

In order to enhance customer service, we look beyond the end result or the service delivery. We assess requirements at the enterprise level and recommend customer service enhancements as integrated components to the project lifecycle. This level of insight was developed over decades of experience and it is validated by our proven record of earning the trusted partnership of our clients.

To learn more about how Quadrint’s Customer Service Enhancement solutions can help your business improve customer experience and enterprise efficiency, please contact us at info@quadrint.com or call 703-349-0139.


Technology by itself is never enough. The human element, together with technology, constitutes the total solution. At Quadrint, we provide the software and systems as well as the experienced consultants and managers that ensure optimal performance. We provide enterprise solutions that support mission objectives to ensure that the back office operates as a seamless whole.

Our Information Technology management expertise covers configuration and O&M services, application management, customization of legacy systems, as well as bolt-on solutions to meet particular needs. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of system requirements and a shared goal of mission success. Once the requirements are outlined, our senior-level team evaluates, strategizes, and implements a succinct solution.

Leading the Way

Effective IT management involves solving today’s challenges, as well as remaining agile to anticipate future needs. Our strategic perspective and proven expertise enables us to develop innovative technology management solutions and processes that meet today’s needs and remain scalable for future requirements. This is one reason why we’ve formed lasting partnerships with our clients, instead of delivering one-time implementations.

To learn more about how Quadrint’s Information Technology Management solutions can help your business improve efficiency and operations, please contact us at info@quadrint.com or call 703-349-0139.

When information sharing involves both those who need to know, and those who need to know more, we make it easy. Quadrint provides secure, simplified collaboration and knowledge management solutions that ensure the proper channels have rapid and reliable access to information. When mission success depends upon enterprise collaboration and high-speed information sharing capabilities, we are the trusted partners that deliver results.

At Quadrint, we design and implement enterprise collaboration solutions that enable rapid sharing with partners, as well as with the regional and internal units within the organization. This is possible because instead of merely connecting the dots, we architect a total solution that integrates disparate components into a single, efficient system.

Sharing at the Speed of Business

Today’s world is fully connected. BYOD and cloud technologies are revolutionizing the way business and operations are conducted. At Quadrint, we’re leading the way with scalable, flexible collaboration solutions that accommodate these emerging trends. It’s not enough to provide solutions for today. Our clients rely on us because we innovate and adapt in order to deliver more.

To learn more about how Quadrint’s High-Speed Information Sharing solutions can help your business improve efficiency and operations, please contact us at info@quadrint.com or call 703-349-0139.

If you are interested in learning more about Quadrint’s expertise or capabilities, or would like to discuss the ways in which our team can provide advanced solutions and trusted advisory services to your organization, please use the contact form below. Our team will respond quickly and thoroughly.



    Quadrint is a growing company in the federal contracting space that is committed to pursuing growth with our employees in mind. We want our employees to feel welcomed, valued and involved each and every day. To achieve this, we strive to streamline communications among everyone in the company: from corporate office to individual managers down to every employee onsite.


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    Quadrint supports agencies throughout the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice. Our core areas of expertise are described below.

    Enterprise Software Solutions

    We offer full lifecycle delivery of human capital management, learning management, content management, and workflows across the IC. We integrate technology to support ongoing work and adapt with changing requirements. We are experts in PeopleSoft (Oracle Enterprise), IBM/Cognos Business Analytics, Blackboard, OpenText, and MarkLogic.

    • Our software engineers have supported virtually every Federal PeopleSoft implementation and upgrade over the past 20 years.
    • Our COTS projects consistently define the state of the art.
    • Our innovative solutions are regularly distributed by our government clients to other federal agencies.
    • Our solutions help streamline our customers’ processes to save both time and resources on critical enterprise functions like new employee on-boarding, security clearance processing, workforce planning, and task management and tracking.

    Cloud Professional Services

    We have unparalleled success designing, building, securing, and migrating applications to public, private and hybrid clouds, on- and off-premises, including classified AWS clouds. For one intelligence agency, Quadrint migrated 25% of systems running in the C2S, SC2S, and UC2S clouds, increasing uptime to 99.98% and reducing infrastructure costs by 25%. Our industry certified architects and engineers understand the structure necessary to run, secure, maintain, accredit, and optimize systems in the cloud.

    • Quadrint has re-hosted, re-platformed, and re-architected numerous systems in the cloud. We deployed, first of their kind, enterprise-level multi-application PeopleSoft environments to C2S and UC2S.
    • Our forward-leaning approach, ability to adapt, and eagerness to embrace new technologies allowed us to lead the Intelligence Community in production applications moved to off-premises cloud platforms.
    • Our personnel have the innate ability to think outside of the box and engineer creative solutions to solve complex customer problems.

    Agile Application Development

    We excel at delivering velocity-based increments that scale innovation to match changing and expanding requirements. We leverage Agile to manage entire portfolios of business applications, including custom web and application development, data analytics, numerous PeopleSoft applications, as well as infrastructure. We also manage hybrid programs that blend pure Agile with traditional Waterfall software development. Over 50% of our engineers are either Scrum or SAFe Agile certified. Our team of SAFe Agilists is skilled in the Atlassian portfolio of applications frequently leveraging the product line to manage workload, development, documentation, and solve customer business problems.

    Our application of Agile methodologies on one mature enterprise application portfolio yielded:

    • 88% increase in throughput
    • 39% decrease in bugs generated
    • 35% decrease in time to close issues

    Data Science and Analytics

    Our advanced data analysis and warehousing techniques provides agencies with mission, technology, and workforce insight with a single pane of glass view of 95 authoritative data sources. We ensure data is readily available to decision makers. We are experts at presenting complex, multi-source business and corporate data for consumption by a variety of analytic tools though the use of advanced data warehousing techniques.

    • We apply engineering methodologies that reduce risk, decrease defect rate, and enhance process repeatability.
    • We implement Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) to further enhance the system development lifecycle.

    Mission Support Services

    Our functional experts and dashboard visualization tools support mission performance and visibility. We are collaborative partners supporting business process improvement, strategic communications, and risk management.

    • Our thought leadership and extensive functional expertise supports in-depth analysis that informs human capital decision making at all levels of management.
    • We have developed comprehensive workforce management strategies that provide a roadmap for hiring, retaining, training (and re-training) staff, as well as succession management.
    • Our approach establishes the critical data quality that is integral to the development, design and production of an enterprise level analytic capability.
    Quadrint’s Quality, Service Delivery, and Information Security Policy

    Quadrint, Inc. is committed to protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information while providing cleared, qualified and experienced personnel to our clients and ensuring the highest quality of onsite professional and technical support services. Our goal is to ensure project success, total continuity of services, security of business and client information, in satisfying all applicable requirements while fulfilling our IMS objectives. We achieve this through continual improvement of everything we do.

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